All I Want For Christmas is the Rona Gone Gift Tags

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All I want for Christmas is the Rona Gone- Gift Basket

Download these free gift tags and create your own Covid theme gift basket for Christmas. Or use individual tags on separate gifts for any occasion. This gift will be a hit!

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All I want for Christmas is the Rona gone

Add this tag to the outside of the basket or simply attach to a package of wipes,  a mask or other related items. This one would also be a great tag for the outside of a basket if you put the individual gifts together to create a fun basket.

Disinfectant wipes with tag attached

“All I want for Christmas is the RONA gone,  just the RONA gone. Gee, if I could only have the RONA gone, then I could wish you, ‘Merry Christmas!'”

printable "All I want for Christmas" gift tags pdf


I survived the great toilet paper crisis

Download the Christmas gift tag specific to 2020 or generic without the year. There’s also one below for any occasion that you can use year round. Just add a pack of toilet paper or an individual toilet paper roll with a strip of wrapping paper around it to make it look festive.

This is such a cute and simple neighbor gift or even white elephant gift that most of us can relate to.

Toilet paper roll with gift tag

“I survived the great toilet paper crisis!”



toilet paper tree

Any occasion…

toilet paper roll with poop emoji


All I want for Christmas is to see my two front teeth

Are you tired of wearing masks everywhere? If so, I’m sure you can relate to the saying on this tag. Check out these cute tags that can be printed and attached to a mask or even a toothbrush or toothpaste.

Mask gift with tag

“All I want for Christmas is to see my two front teeth!”

emoji wearing Santa hat and mask


Wash your hands ya filthy animal

This gift tag can go along with a gift of soap, hand sanitizer or even a cute towel. It’s a fun and memorable saying that you’re sure to remember from Home Alone. This tag will really turn a simple soap into a funny gift that will be appreciated.

Hand soap with Filthy Animal tag

“Wash your hands ya filthy animal!”

Printable "Wash Your Hands" gift tag


We wish you a Merry Christmas and germ free new year

These simple gift tags will go perfectly with your gift of Christmas hand sanitizer  or even something different like a phone sanitizer. Such a perfect gift for this time of year and is definitely something that we all can use.

hand sanitizer with tags

“We wish you a Merry Christmas and a germ free New Year!”

Black germ free tag

White circle gift tags


I’ll be Gnome for Christmas

Add this cute tag to a cute quarantined Gnome ornament or any other gnome decoration wrapped in a plastic bag or placed in a glass jar. This is sure to be a hit with the kids or anyone on your list. You can also jazz it up with a solar light up jar if preferred.

Gnome in bag with gift tag

“I’ll be Gnome for Christmas! In quarantine… don’t open for 14 days.”

Gnome printable gift tag


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