Spread Love Valentines Day Gift Tag

Spread Love gift tags collage

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Spread Love – Valentines Day gift tags

These are the perfect Valentine’s day printable for you if you’re giving hand sanitizer, soap or wipes as a gift. They go along with our current theme of social distancing, but are also gifts that we can all use daily. Plus, they’re SO cute and simple!

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  1. Click on the tag that you prefer (below).
  2. Print – preferably on sturdy photo paper or even cardstock. (A better printer will create a better tag.)
  3. Cut – Use paper cutter or scissors to cut out.
  4. Hole punch – Punch a hole in the top middle or corner.
  5. Attach – use twine, ribbon or a string to attach to your gift.
  6. Finishing touches- to finish off your gift, you can wrap it with wrapping paper, a cellophane bag, or even find a cute basket.


Heart printable

Check out these cute heart printables. You can cut the heart out or even cut them into squares around the hearts if you want it to be more simple with a paper cutter.


Spread Love Not Germs – Heart tags

  Spread love not germs printable

Spread Love Not Cooties- Heart Tags

Spread love not cooties printable


Black with white text Spread Love printable

These classic black tags with white text will go with anything and really put the focus on your gift.

Spread Love Not Germs – Black Tags

Spread love not germs printable - black with white text

Spread Love Not Cooties – Black Tag

Spread love not cooties printable


Pink/Purple Spread Love Printable

These colorful pink and purple gradient tags are fun for Valentines day. Especially if your gift is in similar colors.

Spread Love Not Germs – Pink/Purple Tag

Spread love not germs printable pink and purple

Spread Love Not Cooties – Pink/Purple Tag

Spread love not cooties printable


Cute Cootie Bug Printable

These darling cootie bug printables will add a fun flair to your gift.

Spread Love Not Cooties – Cootie Bug Tag

Spread love not cooties printable


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Tips for Better Quality Printables

Check out these tips for professional looking gift tags:


collage of several spread love printables

Valentines Day Tags

Good luck with your creations!

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