The Perfect Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

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Thoughtful gifts for the woman who wants nothing in 2021

How do you figure out what to get the woman in your life who doesn’t want anything? Try to think of a problem she has brought up and if there’s a simple solution, you may have found the perfect gift for her. Stalk her… Or at least REALLY listen to her. When she brings up something she wants, take note.

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What to get the girl who has everything?

Maybe she has everything she needs? What is a good gift to buy someone who has everything? Find something that she doesn’t realize she needs or something she wants.

Sometimes we don’t realize how much time a gadget will save us until we try it. Pay attention to her daily schedule and think about items that might help her in her day to day routine.

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Gifts women actually want:


Gifting a subscription is literally a gift that keeps on giving. Imagine giving a gift to her every month or quarter. That’s basically what you’re automatically doing with a subscription.

Fab Fit Fun Subscription

Amazon Prime Subscription



Smart gifts can easily make your loved ones life easier or more enjoyable. 


Fun Kitchen Items

Think of items that they wouldn’t buy for themselves or haven’t thought about buying for themselves. 

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Spa or Comfort Gifts

Give luxury gifts that will allow her to care for herself or relax after a tough day. 


Something Meaningful

Try to think of something that will show how well you know her and will also help build the connection between you.

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Hobby Gifts

What is something that reminds you of them? Are they a knitter? Do they like to read? Try to think of a gift that will enhance their talents or interests.

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What do you buy someone who wants nothing?

If she really wants nothing. Give her a sweet or something that she doesn’t have to keep around if she’s a minimalist, but something she can enjoy. Or another option is to donate to her favorite charity in her name.


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What do you buy for someone who is hard to buy for?

Check out the ideas above, but remember to think of who she is and her interests. Overall, she’ll probably end up appreciating the thought that went into the gift just as much as the actual present.


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