Best gifts for Grandparents who have Everything

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What do you give someone who has everything?

I get it! I’ve been there. It feels impossible when you want to give someone a gift, but can’t figure out what to give. What are the best gifts for Grandparents who have everything?

It’s not that you haven’t thought about it. It has been in the back of your mind for the last few months, but they already have everything they need. 

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Gifts for impossible family members

You might have several ideas, but you keep coming up with reasons that these things just won’t work for them. Even they have a difficult time buying things for themselves. 

If they’re anything like my parents, they might spend weeks researching the item through Consumer Reports. Next, they buy different types of the item and test them to see what they like best. When they finally figure out what is the best for them, they will finally buy what they need in multiples if necessary.

Basically, they buy everything they need and they don’t like to keep a lot of clutter around. So, it really is impossible to find the best thing for them. 

Gifts that they actually want and/or need

Have you kept track of things they might talk about needing or wanting? Have you noticed small things that might make things easier for them? Or technology that might automate something they do regularly

Best gifts for Grandparents (or parents)

personalized handwritten towel

Handwritten custom kitchen towel by AUdesignsStudio: Make your favorite handwritten recipes from a family member and have them printed onto a kitchen towel. 

3 bracelets with handwritten notes

Custom Handwriting Jewelry by Caitlyn Minimalist: Beautiful jewelry with custom messages and many in your own handwriting.

off white slippers

Slippers by TrueLinenShop: With so many homes with beautiful hardwood, laminate, or tile floor, slippers will be the perfect gift to help with sore knees.

frame with personalized message

Custom frames with a picture of your family by EverythingDecorated: give a picture of your family in a beautiful custom frame that your grandparents will proudly display in their home.

Wooden sign "Grandkids make life grand"

Grandparents sign listing their Grandchildren by MommaMakingMemories: Unique and thoughtful signs that either list Grandchildren/Children’s names or allow them to post pictures.

Honey and almonds

Favorite snacks Honey & Nuts by JCBees: Another thoughtful gift would be a basket of their favorite healthy snacks or treats.


Tickets to a play or something that they enjoy. Or any type of experience gifts or gifts of time or even 12 months of gifts that you know they’ll love.

Last minute gifts for hard to buy family members

If you don’t have time to order or make custom gifts ahead of time, look into practical gifts that will make life easier, such as:

Or more sentimental gifts, such as:

Handmade card

Handmade Card by TwoSweetPeasStudio: A heartfelt card/letter

Homemade diy crafts from the kids

Share your ideas:

What are your ideas for Grandparents (or really anyone) who has everything?

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