The Best Fun Christmas Gifts for 14 Year Old

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Gifts for every 14 year old on your list

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the 14 year old on your list? Whether it’s Christmas or any other event, teenagers can seem so difficult to shop for, but they usually have quite a few interests once you get to know them. The hard part might be getting them to actually tell you what they want, but I have put together some ideas to start with. Hopefully, the 14 year old on your list will be blown away by your choice.


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Top gift for 14 year old boys or girls

This has to be one of the coolest (and most popular) gifts for teens. It might even help them feel a little more connected with friends if they live close and can fly it to their friend’s home.

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What’s trending for 14 year olds

Are you always trying to figure out what to get your 14 year old for Christmas, their Birthday, or any other events? Current trends for teenagers are constantly changing, but some popular trending gifts are:

  • Fun high tech gifts – drones, phones, laptops, echo dot, speakers, smart photo frame.
  • Room Decor – especially now that so many of us are stuck at home. It’s nice to make our environment a place we want to be. Examples: positive wall quotes, a new desk, gaming chair  or other decorations.
  • Gifts of comfort – weighted blankets, spa kits, bath bombs, etc. that will help cope with the worry of school, friends and all of the stress of the current pandemic.
  • Practical gifts – books, water bottles, desk lamps, etc that will help teens be more efficient.
  • Just for fun gifts – Among Us or Baby Yoda merchandise, mini surprise brand balls, adult coloring books, sketch books/pencils, etc.
  • Clothes or shoes – teens always want to look good for the friends and most are excited to get trendy clothing to show off at school after winter break.
  • Self-care/Hygiene items –  shop the basics like, deodorant, cool soaps, body wash, brush, comb, hair products, etc.

What’s a good gift for a 14 year old boy or girl?

There are tons of different gift ideas here for 14 year old. There is something for just about any teen. Or at least a great idea to lead you in the right direction while searching for the perfect gift for your teenager.


Fun high tech gadgets 

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Room Decor

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Gifts of comfort

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Practical gifts 

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Just for fun gifts 

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Clothes or shoes 


Self-care/Hygiene items

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What do 14 year olds like to do? Fun things to do with your teens that also make the best gifts


For the ultimate thoughtful gift, think about any hobbies or interests that your 14 year old is interested in. Usually something related will make a fabulous gift. A great idea is to pair tickets to a fun event with something that will be useful when attending. Part of the fun is creating memories while spending time together at the event. Here are a few gift of time ideas:

      • Sports tickets to see a game – put together a care package with a water bottle, shoes, and other sports accessories.
      • Tickets to a play, concert or other performance– add a new outfit that will help them feel confident.
      • Museum or an art exhibit paired with a sketch or painting set

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Small tech gadgets for a 14 year old boy/girl make great presents

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What is a good Christmas gift for a 14-year old?

The best unique gift you can get a 14 year old, or any teenager, is something that fits their specific personality. Check out the ideas above for a good start. And please share your 14 year old’s favorite gifts in the comments below.


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