How to Organize Christmas Once and For All

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Genius Ideas for Organizing Christmas Decor

How do you organize Christmas? From budgeting, decorating, to buying, purchasing, or storing gifts, there’s so much to do during this time of year.

By setting up the best organizational system for you, you can take so much of the expected stress out of the holidays.  

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How to organize Christmas

Where to start:

  1. Find a space

    Where can you find space for your Christmas decor? Even if you need to do some decluttering, find a space you can dedicate to these items.

  2. Setup a system

    Setup a system that is all your own. It won’t work unless it works for you. It needs to work for your space, your habits, and your routine. Make sure that it is something that you (and your family) can stick to and stick to it. Everything should have a place that it belongs.

  3. Choose your containers 

    What do you already have that you can use? How much is your budget for new containers? What containers will fit best in the space you have for the items you need to store? 

  4. Label everything 

    Make it easy to find everything and to put it all away when you’re done with it.

  5. Always put everything away where it goes

    There’s no point in organizing and creating a system if you don’t use the system.

Christmas decoration storage containers

What type of containers will you use for your Christmas decor storage? If you can, choose matching containers so that you can find everything easily. For, example, mine are all green for Christmas.

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How do you organize Christmas ornaments?

Use clear storage bags to put ornament hooks or other small items in. Or you can find containers especially made for ornaments that will keep them from breaking. There are several ornament storage options.

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How to store outdoor Christmas Decorations?

Find containers that fit each item and if you need to, wrap each item in tissue paper or bubble wrap to keep it safe. If you use small containers, baggies or boxes inside of large boxes, you may want to label the smaller containers also.


How do you store Christmas lights?

Put each strand of lights in a separate bag or wrap them around a piece of cardboard so that they’ll be separated when you need them again. If you have a burnt out strand of lights, fix them or throw them away. If you really want to keep them for some reason, label them as “not working” so that you can find them when you need them.

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How do you store a Christmas tree?

The best way to store a tree (if you have space) is to keep your tree standing in a storage closet and sew a cloth cover for it or wrap it with plastic.

Another option would be the original box the tree came in or a large plastic storage tote.

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Where to store Christmas decorations in an apartment or small home

If you are in a small apartment, condo or house it may be a little more tricky to store Christmas. You might need to make space under stairs, under beds, in a bedroom closet or even an attic.


Is it okay to store Christmas decorations in the garage?

If you have the option to store your decorations inside your home, that would be ideal. But for many people, the garage is the only place they have space to store seasonal decorations. 

If this is the case for you, try to store them in plastic bins that will keep out moisture and bugs.


Bin of ornaments and Christmas decorations


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Use the organization system that you create

Figure out a system that works best for you and take the extra time after Christmas to organize everything. It will make next year’s setup much easier. You might also need to take a moment to teach the rest of the family where everything goes. 

Overall, you should try to make it self explanatory so that anyone can see the containers and labels and instinctively tell where most of it goes.

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What are your best Christmas decoration storage ideas?

Where do you store your Christmas? And what system works best for you?


7 thoughts on “How to Organize Christmas Once and For All”

  1. Love your tips. It will works for all types of families and all festivals actually. I usually get ready some activities like coloring books/maze/puzzles or inexpensive little new toys to keep the kids occupied during major festivals. Merry Christmas to you and family!

  2. We don’t really do too much of planning for the holidays, but of course, the gift shopping and all the cooking must be planned out right and on time too 🙂

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