The Most Thoughtful Daughter in Law Gifts

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Best gifts for your bonus daughter

Whether you are best friends with your bonus daughter, you’re still getting to know each other, or your relationship’s somewhere in between, check out these unique gifts that she’s sure to appreciate.

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What is a good small gift to show appreciation?

Anything you give your daughter-in-law will show appreciation. A sentimental hand me down from the family or even a “Thinking About You” note listing things you admire about her and expressing your heartfelt sentiments will mean the world to her. It’s easy to keep some cards on hand so that they’ll be available for any occasion.


Here are some of the best gift ideas for your daughter in law

She’ll love the thought that is put into anything you give her and your gift will be a treasure for years to come.


1. Personalized Picture Frames

Add personal family pictures for a extra personalized touch.

Etsy Personalized Picture Frame by EcoEngrave


2. Personalized Family Recipe Cookbooks

Add several of your own famous family recipes passed down from other generations.

Etsy Recipe Journal by DaisyandDecor

3. Instapot or other cooking gadgets

This would be a great gift to add a few of your own recipes or smaller cooking accessories.


4. Personalized jewelry 

Customize especially for your daughter-in-law and add her favorite chocolate treat.

Etsy Gold Heart Charm Bracelet by ForeverMy


5. Spa items aromatherapy

Buy a thoughtful spa gift kit or put one together your self with oils, lotions, plants, candles, etc.

Etsy Succulent Spa Gift Box by SoulSisterGlowSister


6. Unique Personalized Ornament  

Add your daughter-in-law and son’s names to a special ornament that you gift her will show her that she’s part of the family.

Etsy Personalized Couple Ornament by thecottonandcanvasco


7. Customized Journal 

Give her a personalized journal that she’ll treasure. You can even write a personalized note to her on the first page for her to remember the thought.

Etsy Engraved Leather Journal by YourWeddingPlace


8. Photo album

Gift a personalized photo album and start it out with a few special pictures that she’ll appreciate.

Etsy Personalized Wood Photo Album by KustomProducts


9. Flowers or Plants

Find some gorgeous live flowers or plants to liven up her home or office space.

Etsy Glass Planter Pot by beTWENTYS


Choose the most heartfelt gift for your daughter-in-law

Personalized gifts or even notes will help her feel like your favorite and build the connections between both of you for years to come.


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