Free Printable Thanksgiving Day Coloring and Activity Book

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Thanksgiving Day Activity Book

How do you celebrate your Thanksgiving? Is it just your family? Or do you get together with several members of your extended family?

Whether you only have a few of your own kids or a home filled with children, keeping them occupied while you’re busy with Thanksgiving prep is key!

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Entertainment for impatient kids

This is where this activity book comes in. It’s the perfect entertainment for impatient kids. The best part of all is that this activity book is completely free for you to download.

I only ask that it be used for personal use only- and please share this link with others who may be interested!

Prepare your kid tables for Thanksgiving

Print one out for each kid in the family and you’re set. Throw some crayons, markers, or colored pencils on the table or dress it up a bit and find a cute jar tied with a ribbon.

Or if you’re concerned about spreading germs, put together individual sets of crayons for each kid. They are sure to keep each other busy long enough for you to get the food on the table.

Free Thanksgiving activity book download

Get Your Free Thanksgiving Activity Book HERE

Download your fun Thanksgiving coloring and activity packet here! Print it out, staple it together, put it on the table and you’re set!

Coloring/Activity Book Includes:

This activity book includes:

  • 1 Cover page to draw a family picture
  • 1 Turkey coloring page
  • 1 Thanksgiving crossword puzzle
  • 1 pumpkin wordsearch
  • 1 dot game/tic tac toe game page
  • 1 “I am Thankful for…” page

I hope this Thanksgiving activity booklet helps keep the kids occupied at your house while you’re busy preparing.

You also won’t want to miss these darling diy Thanksgiving Candy Turkeys! They’re the perfect extra fun touch for your Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Candy Turkey 





I would love to see you share your ideas for keeping the kids busy on Thanksgiving Day in the comments below! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Free Thanksgiving Day activity book to keep the kids busy during Thanksgiving preparation

Download this Free Thanksgiving printable activity book for kids with pictures games and fun coloring pages to keep your kids busy at the Thanksgiving table while waiting for everything to be prepared. 

12 thoughts on “Free Printable Thanksgiving Day Coloring and Activity Book”

  1. We don’t do thanksgiving in France but this activity book is a great idea. I remember at christmas how we were impatiently waiting for gift and food. An activity guide like this one would have kept us busy for a while! These candy turkeys look so so cute!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Thanksgiving Day activity book. That would keep the kids busy and in one place instead of running around the house while waiting for the food to be served. I like the idea of the Thanksgiving Candy Turkey too. I will make some and give it as a reward to the kids for good behavior. 🙂

  3. I love activity books and when children do activities or get to play then do not end up getting bored while waiting for thanksgiving dinner. A fab idea!

  4. too bad we do not have a thanksgiving celebration here but I do wish to experience it. I saw a lot of thanksgiving celebration on tv and it seems like a very meaningful and fun celebration. These activity books are very ideal for kiddos. There’s no doubt they will enjoy it!
    thanks for sharing.

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