Epic St. Patrick’s Day Traditions that will have You Seeing Green

kids celebrating St. Patricks day

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Do you have any St. Patrick’s Day family traditions your kids love?

What do your kids look forward to every St. Patrick’s day? Do you wear green? Do you play tricks on other family members or friends? Or is it just another day in your home?

This can be the perfect time to add a little fun into your family by creating some simple traditions that your children will remember. They may even pass on these traditions to their children. Whether it’s making corned beef and cabbage or serving your every day foods dyed green, St. Patrick’s day can be fun for the whole family.

If you want to start some new traditions and need some ideas, I have included some fun things to do below.

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pot of gold on grass

St. Patrick’s Day Activities

  1. Study the history of St. Patricks Day and teach family members about it.
  2. Wear GREEN (I know! Pretty obvious- lol).
  3. Set up a Leprechaun hunt for you kids with a treat at the end.
  4. Leave cut out or flour Leprechaun foot prints around the house.
  5. Make green foods for each meal or a snack.
  6. Hide Leprechaun treats around the house for the kids to find. Check out these no sugar treats and surprises.
  7. Set up Leprechaun tricks around the house.
  8. Leave a note in your kids lunch box about how lucky you are to have them in your life.
  9. Make your own pot of gold.
  10. Search for 4-leaf clovers outside.
  11. Have a St. Patrick’s Day Family Dinner Party.
  12. Make green treats as a family: Shamrock Shakes (green milkshakes), Key Lime Pie, green Sugar Cookies, etc.
  13. Share St. Patrick’s Day treats with neighbors.
  14. Put out green and gold (or rainbow) art supplies for the kids to design their own Leprechaun art.


Free St. Patrick’s Day printables

St. Patricks day no-sugar surprise ideas

Share your St. Patrick’s Day traditions

What do you do in your home on St. Patrick’s Day? Share your traditions and ideas in the comments below.

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