No Sugar St. Patricks Day Treats that will Delight your Kids

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What do you give on St. Patrick’s Day?

What are your St. Patrick’s Day plans? Do you have any special plans or traditions? Whether the treats are given by you or the Leprechaun, St. Patrick’s day can be a fun time to share small surprises with your kids.

On St. Patrick’s day it’s common to give green, gold, and Rainbow colored treats filled with sugar. If you are trying to keep your kids away from as much processed sugar as possible, check out the following ideas.

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Pot of gold with title that says No-Sugar St. Patrick's Day treats and surprises.

Tasty Treats:

  • Rainbow Goldfish crackers
  • Dried or fresh Kiwi, Bananas, green apples or grapes
  • Green sugar-free gum
  • Rainbow of roasted veggies with hummus or yellow cheese cubes at the end to look like the gold at the end of the rainbow
  • Sugar-free Werthers or Sour Apple Werthers
  • Rainbow of dehydrated fruit
  • Sugar-free Jigglers Jello (green or Rainbow) – Top with colored whipped cream
  • Sugar-free Pistachio muffins
  • Pistachio mixed nuts
  • Green milk, green eggs (boiled or scrambled), green pancakes, green pizza dough pizza, green tortillas (quesadillas)
  • Homemade Crystal Lite popsicles

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions Your Kids will Love

Non-edible Surprises

  • Green Kinect sand
  • Pyrite (fools gold
  • Green Legos
  • Small toys: Bubbles, puzzles, rainbow chalk, green glow sticks, bouncy balls, pencils, notebooks, books, or other small toys
  • Green Play-doh or slime
  • A cute green or rainbow outfit or St. Patrick’s day socks or other accessories
  • Small bag to hold all of your treats and surprises

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