Re Gift Your Old Flower Vases While Giving Joy

Plant in glass vase

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Re-gift your old vase to someone you love

Need to get rid of clutter?

If you’re like me, you probably have several old vases sitting around your house. Instead of throwing your vases away or giving them to the DI or Salvation army, re-gift them. What’s better than re-gifting things that you don’t need or use? It’s the perfect way to de-clutter while brightening someone else’s day?

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Perfect service idea

Most of the vases of flowers that I have, were from someone who was trying to brighten my day. I love the fact that I can re-gift and easily do the same for someone else.

Most affordable Gift

All you need to do is add a bouquet of flowers to your old vase. You can purchase the flowers at your local flower shop or grocery store (sometimes even on clearance). Or cut fresh flowers from your yard for the most perfectly affordable gift you can find.

Do you have several flower vases sitting around your house? Do you re-gift or reuse your old vases?



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