Travel Tree- Year Round Christmas Tradition

Travel ornaments

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The Christmas tradition that lasts all year

Do you ever feel like your family vacations just seem to end too quickly? Well, one way that I have found to make the memories last a little bit longer is to create a Travel themed Christmas Tree or a Vacation Tree. 

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Polynesian Cultural Center Ornament

What is a Travel or Vacation Themed Tree?

A travel or vacation tree could be themed around a specific place. The version that this article is about, is a tree with a collection of Christmas ornaments from family vacations over the years. 

Where to find Travel Christmas Ornaments

Most places will have ornaments in local gift shops. Some hotels or other stores might also have ornaments that have something to do with the place you’re visiting.

Choosing the right ornaments

The best ornaments will immediately remind you of the place you’re visiting. 

You can always go online and choose a set of cute travel ornaments for your tree, but part of the memory is actually choosing an ornament together. 

Do all of the ornaments need to match?

It’s up to you whether you want the ornaments to match or not.  If you do want the ornaments to at least go together when on the tree,  just keep in mind the look you’re going for and choose a similar style each time.

It’s all about the memories

The best part of creating a travel tree is the fact that during each trip throughout the year, you will pause for a moment to choose a Christmas ornament together. 

As we choose each ornament, you’re also thinking about what you want to remember about the trip. Try to find just the right ornament that will capture your memories.

Pick up an ornament at each place you visit during your travels. The best part is sitting around the tree each Christmas talking about your memories of the trip.

Be creative

The ornaments above are my friend, Holly’s. She was kind enough to share this picture with us. As you can see, she has found a similar style. 

If you can’t find the right ornament, make your own

If you can’t find an ornament you like, buy something  else “touristy” and make it into an ornament. 

For example, the Eiffel Tower in the picture is actually a key chain turned into an ornament. The turtle from Hawaii was a magnet. The mug is a stein from Leavenworth with a string connected to transform it into an ornament.

Find Local Souvenir Ornaments

If you don’t travel much, find a few ornaments at your favorite local destinations where you have amazing memories and purchase ornaments there. Plus, if you ever move you will be even more grateful to have them.

Globe Christmas Tree Topper

A fun topper that might go with your tree would be a Globe Christmas tree topper. Check them out here: 

Friday Harbor Christmas Ornament

Label your ornaments 

To ensure that you’ll remember where each ornament is from, label your ornaments with the date and/or location (if that’s not included on the ornament). You can even label some with a sharpie on the bottom.

Written memories to go with your ornaments

Another option would be to write a short description of your trip on your boxes that hold your ornaments or on a separate paper. You can then number the ornament and the paper or box to match up. 

Decorating the tree

Of course, the very best part is sitting around the tree each Christmas talking about your memories of the trip. It’s SO fun to laugh, smile, or happy cry while reminiscing.

Year round family tradition- travel tree

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What will you add to your Travel Tree?

The fun thing about a travel or vacation tree, is thinking about Christmas while on vacation and choosing your ornaments and then also going back to your vacation memories during Christmas.

What will you add to your travel tree?


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