How to Celebrate Easter while Social Distancing

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Can we still have an Easter Egg Hunt?

Every Easter, we gather in large groups for our community Easter Egg Hunts. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, Easter after 2020 is going to be different. Due to social distancing regulations, we’re all being forced to change our traditions.


Social distancing Easter Traditions:

Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg may or may not be possible depending on guidelines in your community. A possible option, might be a Social distancing Easter egg hunt.

To participate, everyone in the neighborhood would post colorful pictures of eggs in their windows for kids to find as they walk through the neighborhood. See more details below.

Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt Poster










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Local guidelines

When planning holiday gatherings or activities, you should always check into your local guidelines and also take into consideration Covid-19 guidelines from the CDC regarding holidays.

Easter celebration ideas

You can always do your own family Easter Egg hunt outside in your yard or inside your house, but if you are missing the community Easter Egg hunts, join in on a Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt.

  1. Share this post on Social Media and tag your friends and family. FBPin – Insta
  2. Download the PDF poster and coloring pages: Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt
  3. Print and color the Easter Egg pictures
  4. Hang Easter Egg pictures on your door or windows for others to find. If you don’t have a printer, draw and color your own Easter Egg pictures.
  5. Go for a walk or drive around the neighborhood and see who can find the most Easter Eggs.
  6. Have a Virtual Family Easter Dinner 

Shocked mom realizes she will be making Easter dinner this year

Virtual Easter dinner

If you can’t get together with family for Easter Dinner, meet virtually and have each family will cook their own meal.

Each family will have their computer at the table while they eat so they can chat with other families. 

Or another option would be to order delivery through DoorDash or another service to each home.

List of meal delivery services and other Quarantine resources


Virtual Easter Game Night

Similar to a virtual Easter Dinner, host your own virtual Easter Game night.

Your family can play games and visit through Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime or any other teleconferencing apps.

You can also exchange gifts/baskets ahead of time and have everyone look in their basket while meeting virtually. 

Here are a few gift ideas: Practical Easter Basket Ideas for Teens


Individual Family Time 

You can always stay in and find fun things to do with your family. Many teens are having fun lately with chalk, bubbles, and outside games lately. 

Socially distanced Easter

Keep Easter traditions and routine alive

Remember to keep your regular traditions alive with Easter Baskets, dyed eggs, or whatever your family normally does.

Keeping some routine in your lives is important, but it’s always a great idea to be flexible and add to your regular traditions.

Best ways to use boiled eggs after Easter


Share your Easter plans in the comments below

Our current situation isn’t ideal, but it’s what we’re faced with right now. So, make the most of it and have a Happy Easter!




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