Valentines Day Gingerbread Treats That are Fun and Creative

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Gingerbread train, cottage and boy with title "Valentine's Day Gingerbread treats"

DIY Valentines Day Gingerbread Treats

Check out this Gingerbread Love Cottage! A great way to save money on treats and do a fun activity on Valentine’s day. Buy a gingerbread man, house, or train on sale after Christmas and turn it into a Valentine’s day gingerbread treats. I found each of these for 75% off after Christmas. I also found some leftover red icing that was very cheap. You can also look for Christmas candy that isn’t too Christmas-y to use for this activity or you can add in some Valentine’s candy.  My kids decorated all of these for Valentines day.

12 small cups filled with various Valentines day candy

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Gingerbread man

My daughter really had fun decorating our gingerbread man. It was probably the easiest as there was nothing to put together like with the train and house.

Gingerbread love trainGingerbread train

The gingerbread train took a little more time to put together, but once it was dry, it was fun decorating.

Valentines day gingerbread house

Gingerbread Love Cottage

I have to admit, by the time my kids decorated the gingerbread house, they were tired of it. I would suggest each child only decorate one house, train, or gingerbread man each season. 🙂

You may also want to check out these Valentine’s Day traditions for families or Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats.  I would also love to hear about what you and your family does each year for Valentines day.

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