Ultimate List of Treat Ideas for an Amazing Fathers Day Poster

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DIY Candy Gram

Father’s Day

Father’s Day seems to be one of the toughest times for me to think of a gift to give.  My kid’s don’t have a Father around and so the only gift we purchase is usually for my dad.

The problem is that it’s so difficult shopping for him. He basically buys anything he needs when he needs it so we don’t ever know what to get him.

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What to get Dad/Grandpa on Father’s Day?

Several years ago we decided to make a candy poster for my Dad on Father’s Day.  My kid’s had so much fun with it and he loved it! We’ve actually made a few now over the last 10 years.

We tried to get the type of snacks that he likes and leaned towards healthier snacks we could find that might have names that fit into our poster. It was very simple to make and you can buy as many snacks as you want based on your budget and what your dad likes.

Our most recent candy poster

This is the poster my kids made this year. They are so proud of it.

Candy gram poster

Look PopU-no we think you are pure gold. You are knott real salty. Your one of a kind Excellence is the Riesen we figure you deserve a Bitohoney. That’s it!

Father’s Day Candy Board #2

White and blue candy poster for fathers day

Dang Pop, Your pure kindness leaves us moonstruck. You’re so strong it’s unreal. You’re the perfect grahampa for us and that’s the simple truth.

The kids first Father’s Day poster

My kids came up with the sayings on their own and it turned out great.  They just spread out all of the snacks and wrote down a few ideas. After that they just wrote out the words to the poster on pieces of paper they cut out and glued/taped everything to the poster board.

Dark candy gram poster with healthy snacks

Hey Pop, It’s not PayDay but it’s Father’s Day.  We wouldn’t Cashew in for anything.  Out of 100 Grandpa’s, you’re a perfect Fit.  We don’t need another Riesen to chews you in a Snap.  You never are a Jerk and would save us from a Clif in the Andes. You’re Zone Perfect and Kind and a BitOHoney.  -your Raisinets

Candy Gram Treat ideas:

Here are some other treat ideas that you can use for your poster. Hopefully this list will at least help you brainstorm ideas for your own poster. We tried to keep them mostly healthier, but there is some candy on the list that might help you brainstorm your own poster.

  1. Kind
  2. Strong & Kind
  3. Cashews
  4. Jerky
  5. Milk Duds
  6. Lifesaver
  7. Punch
  8. Whatchamacallit
  9. Fit
  10. Pop (chips/popcorn)
  11. Clif
  12. Andes
  13. Smarties
  14. Zone Perfect
  15. Raisinets
  16. Nature Valley
  17. Now & Later
  18. Goobers
  19. Trail Mix
  20. Milky Way
  21. Hubba Bubba
  22. Laffy Taffy
  23. Baby Ruth
  24. Quaker
  25. Udi’s
  26. Kashi
  27. Bear Naked
  28. Melba
  29. Justin’s
  30. Nuttzo
  31. Boulder
  32. Pirates Booty
  33. Smart Puffs
  34. Sweetart
  35. Crunchy Treasures
  36. Blue Diamond
  37. Emerald
  38. Sun Maid
  39. Chex
  40. Belvita
  41. Kettle
  42. David (sunflower seeds)
  43. Larabar
  44. Boom Chicka Pop
  45. Honest
  46. Luna
  47. Power Bar
  48. Power Bar Harvest
  49. TLC
  50. Chia Bar
  51. Mojo
  52. Gatorade
  53. Builders
  54. Go Lean
  55. Take 5
  56. Nerds
  57. Fuel
  58. Moonstruck
  59. Ice Breakers
  60. Score
  61. Extra
  62. Ritter
  63. Flipz
  64. Muddy Buddies
  65. Taki
  66. Cornut
  67. Mixed Nuts
  68. Spitz
  69. Tex Mex
  70. Grahams
  71. Love Crunch
  72. Crunch
  73. Unreal
  74. Super Food
  75. Simple Truth
  76. Dang
  77. California Melody
  78. Chokis
  79. Bean Boozled
  80. Maria’s (cookies)
  81. Nonnis
  82. Promax
  83. Z-bar
  84. Curate
  85. Grandmas
  86. Look
  87. U-no
  88. Think
  89. Pure
  90. Gold
  91. Snickers
  92. Knott
  93. Real
  94. Hot Tamales
  95. Air Heads
  96. Lemonheads
  97. Salty
  98. One
  99. Kind
  100. Excellence
  101. 100 Grand
  102. Sugar Babies
  103. Fig
  104. Fruit Rollup
  105. Fruit Leather
  106. Almond Joy
  107. Junior Mints
  108. Butterfinger
  109. York
  110. Big Hunk
  111. That’s It!

I’m sure there are many more that I’m missing. If you think of any that would be a great addition to this list or want to share a poster or saying that you made with snacks/candy bars, please share in the comments below. 

Father's day DIY Candy Gram 2 layered posters Pin

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